The observer sees the light (emitted or reflected) only at the moment when photons have reached his retina, the light-sensitive part of his vision system. As any light emission takes place before it is seen, the photons always travel towards the observer from past to future.


  This is considered as a normal, positive flow of time. Photons and other object, travelling away from observer, move back in time, that is, from future to the past. Therefore, time has a negative increment in this case. Herewith, the time of objects moving slower than the speed of light, slows down, remaining positive. At the speed of light, the negative gain of time is so great that time stops, and the moving object acquires wave characteristics, i.e. the property to be observed in many places simultaneously. Objects travelling faster than the speed of light got into a real negative time, where the entropy and cause-and-effect relationship are reversed.

  Cosmic objects, existing in negative time, are inaccessible for visual control of the observer. However, these objects are as real as any other objects. It is antimatter that 'hides' in the negative time; it annihilates with all matter of the Universe at the moment of each next 'Big Bang'. Summarizing the above:


It is indeed a dreadful crime

Not to admit the backward time.