She rushed into the lecture hall toward the whiteboard and started right off the bat, disregarding any surprised looks:

   "The Quantum Mechanics establishes that the coordinates of antimatter objects mirror the coordinates of their material counterparts. And these antimatter objects move in the negative time, from the future to the past, in compliance with CPT-symmetry rule.

  It is logical to assume that, on the cosmic scale, antimatter follows the same rules: it also exists in the negative time.


What is this negative cosmic time anyway?

  Contemporary science considers the boundaries of the Universe being within approximately 14 billion light years" span, which means that the oldest photons we register now started to move toward the Earth 14 billion years ago. Thus the direction of their movement in time was POSITIVE, from the past to the future.

  Correspondingly, the motion of photons and any other objects backwards happens in the negative time - from the future to the past.


  We are only able to register the light falling on the retina of our eyes, namely to record exclusively the positive direction of time-space. However, on the cosmic scale, the negative time-space domains emerge whenever photons move away from the observer. Material objects moving in a negative time will reflect such photons and will send them back to the observer thus revealing themselves to him as a secondary source of light (reflected light).

  In such a negative time-space domain, photons will never catch up with an object that consists of antimatter as the latter always moves with superluminal speeds. Therefore photons can never be reflected by any object of antimatter to be registered by the observer.

   The inverted (negative) time-space, an anti-realm, is invisible for us. However, it is as real as our "positive" world. Is the "dark matter" that has been ineffectively searched for so long, exactly this inaccessible antimatter?


  In that mirroring anti-realm all the processes are reversed, which is the characteristic feature of the backward-directed time, for superluminal speeds. It is fully logical situation: like a variable measured by the distance, the time can take negative numeric values. It all depends on the speed of the object. At some occurrence, the positive time can only have negative incrementation, as in case of some subluminal astronaut - in comparison with the time monitored by an observer on Earth.

   At the speed of light a moving object will appear in many places simultaneously, revealing its wave nature and its time will be brought to a halt.

   Overrunning the speed of light will cause the time to turn negative. Moving with that speed our astronaut will get into the past: he will reach his destination at the computed time but YESTERDAY.


   It"s a pity that even physicist who are adherent to the relativity theory sometimes do not understand these specifics. Such scientists use to retort that one can speak of the negative time only in terms of a standing joke.

   Physicists like to joke. But to laugh with no reason can only the most "risible" of them."



   She paused, glanced around, noticed wide-opened mouths of liberal art students who had expected a lecture on "Linguistic and Lexicographic Aspects of Palindromes", and she frowned:

  "Excuse me, what building is this? The Twelfth? Sorry, I have strayed, girls and boys. Stay calm. Your regular lecturer is coming in a minute."


  The disheveled blond ringlets of the routine instructor"s hair had already emerged in the half-opened door. The absent-minded stranger apologized once more and slipped by her colleague in the corridor. The students made a hubbub, discussing the incident. The instructor impatiently knocked with her knuckles at the whiteboard and the auditorium quietened down. Only Cyril, hastily working his way to the exit, muttered under his breath, "Please let me through, guys. I am heading to the Department of Physics".