(Nobel Prize Lecture)


  Your Majesties, Your Royal Highnesses, Distinguished Members of the Nobel Committee, Ladies and Gentlemen!


  There is a theorem by Kurt Friedrich G÷del in mathematical logic, stating that any complex formal system should unavoidably be controversial in order to be comprehensive.


  If our perception of the Universe is adequate (it should be - otherwise, we would not be able to survive in it), one has to conclude that the controversy is intrinsic not only for the descriptive (formal) systems but also for the describable (real) systems, which are regarded to be complete.


  Thus, in the Cosmos besides our well-known material Universe, there is, without a doubt, its antipode - an invisible immaterial realm consisting of antimatter, an exact mirror-like copy of our Universe.


  Time in the Anti-universe goes backward, the objects are composed of antiparticles, the energy is negative, and its part corresponding to the quantity of entropy of the Universe, but with a negative value (called negentropy) is cosmic fields of information - a kind of "World Intelligence".


  The Anti-universe, as a formation with the aforementioned characteristics, is subject to all known laws of nature, in particular, to the Conservation Law, which is the warrant of eternal existence of information as part of the system negative energy. Having said the latter, we can assume ... the eternity of our consciousness, which is no less than the information accumulated by the human being about the surrounding world and himself.


  As far as the entropy decrease corresponds to the backward time flow, it is logical to conclude that all the processes in the Anti-universe evolve from Chaos to Order from "the worse" to "the better"; thus, the complex systems do not need to struggle with the environment for their existence and therefore the role of natural selection in their evolution is abandoned.


  Principles of organization of such world might be perceived by an individual as some perfect paradise, in which the prerequisites of evil are absent.


  The acknowledgement of the existence of the immaterial antipode side by side with our Universe makes the existence of a supernatural "God-Creator" redundant, because such a dual realm is self-sufficient, including its own built-in mechanisms for eternal cyclic initiation and development - from one annihilation to another (from one Big Bang/Big Crunch to the other, etc.) in a continuous cycle.


  We can also say that this dual realm in itself may be considered God Himself; it is an eternal ineradicable quintessence that includes all the fields of information ("the Universal Mind") as a part of its integrated all-embracing organism.


  All existing fields, all material and immaterial (consisting of antimatter), entities and phenomena are only parts and processes of this contradictory, permanently changing and transforming, dynamic and eternal organism.


  Any objects in the Anti-Universe cannot be registered by the observer due to the imperfection of our senses that are evolutionary adjusted to perception of the material world only, since we, as a biological species, are only a part of this material world.


  In particular, the human being is able to see any space objects only in case when they either irradiate or reflect the light.


  When the speed of an object exceeds the speed of light (that is natural for objects, traveling in the reverse, negative time), the light wave is unable to be reflected by that object because the light cannot catch up with the object. That is why any object in the Anti-Universe remains invisible for us.


  Nevertheless, given unfeasibility of emergence any material particle, even the most minute one, without the corresponding antiparticle, and also the fact that their disappearance is only possible when they are a pair (by their mutual annihilation), we come to the conclusion that all the antiparticles,like their material counterparts,have not disappeared after the Big Bang but, they have formed their own antimaterial realm - the exact copy-antipode of our material Universe.


  The acknowledgement of the duality of the existing world makes it possible to solve many contradictions, having been accumulated in the contemporary Physics and Cosmology. Finally, the acknowledgement of such duality makes it possible to give up the idea of the primitive anthropomorphic "God", that had been offered by multiple ancient religious writings and it presents the only possible definition of the divine embodiment that is in compliance with all the scientific data and logic:




  Any effort to place God, the Creator of All, outside His Creation is totally meaningless, as OUTSIDE of "everything existing"... nothing exist.


  On the other side, God cannot be a part of "All That Exists" either, as one of its constituents, because the creator of a system cannot be simpler than the system, created by him; by definition, the part of a system is always simpler than the whole system.


  In other words, God is not a supernatural creator of Nature but the Nature Itself. God and Universe/World are synonyms.


  One should also take into account that the Nature is twice as complex as our previous concept of it, because it includes the Anti-Universe. By the way, the negative mass can be represented by the imaginary unit squared in order to secure the necessity of "minus one" at the moment of annihilation.


  There is nothing supernatural in that system. The Laws of God is the same as the Laws of Nature, whci the human being, as a biological creature, simply cannot violate as we are only a minute part (cell) of all-embracing organism that dwells sequentially in the material, and then in the antimaterial parts of it. The human being simply obeys the predetermined physical conditions.


  In short, these are the consequences of the Law of Antipodes, postulated by me as the First and Superior Law of the Universe.


  Thank you for your time!