For quite a while physicists are puzzled by the following question: Where did those antiparticles vanish that had been generated in conformity with the law of the conservation of energy in the early universe? The process of annihilation had failed, and the existence of the material world witnesses this.

Therefore, the only satisfying answer to this question can be like this: if the antiparticles disappeared then they disappeared only from our view, and nothing else.

Actually, those invisible objects (the duplicated antipodes of our usual heavenly bodies) have been thriving and prospering in the negative (reverse) time until now - in the realm that is not accessible for our senses.


What is the negative time?

The human being can see only the light that reaches the retina of his eye.

Any flash of light happens before it is seen, because the photons need time to reach the observer. Therefore, the traveling of photons (and any other objects, approaching the observer) takes place from “before” to “after”, from the past to the future, that is, in the time that we call “positive” or “usual” time.

It is only logical to conclude that any objects (photons, etc.), wandering away from the observer, move inversely (“backwards”) in time. For example, in relation to the observer, any heavenly body is situated the more in the past the further this object is located from the observer.

The photons, moving away from the observer, can not be registered by the observer as they never reach the retina of the observer’s eye.

However, any object that happens to be in the stream of light may from the initial source can reflect the moving-away photons and redirect them toward the observer, although with some delay in relation to the original event.

Then the observer is able to see these reflected photons with some negative increment or delay that takes place during their traveling in time.

If the object moves with subluminal speed, the photons will reach it rather fast, and the registered time will remain positive, though delayed a bit. The secondary object becomes a source of reflected light, and this object is registered by the observer as such.

If the speed of the object is equal to the speed of light, the negative gain of time will level the positive one. Thus the resulted time will be “zeroed”, and the object will demonstrate its wavelike characteristics – the ability to synchronously appear in many different places (all the “massless” energy-carrying particles possess this quality).


Finally, the timing for the object, traveling faster than light, will revert – its time will pass from the future to the past, gaining a NEGATIVE value.

Objects, existing in the negative time, are inaccessible for our visual observation. Moving with superluminal speed, such objects (independently of the vector of their movement) cannot be reached by photons, don’t produce any reflected light and remain invisible for us.

It is not worth trying to “see” the dark matter. Only indirect indications may show its certain existence. Evidently, the dark matter is the “lost” antimatter. This conclusion is confirmed by the Quantum Mechanics: the antimatter exists in the negative time only (according to the rules of CPT symmetry).

In the reverted time, the complete reversibility of entropic processes takes place. It provides the eternal existence of the physical world turning the Universe into a Cosmic Perpetuum Mobile, a cyclical process of formation, development, involution and annihilation of antipodes, from one Big Bang to another – and ad infinitum.


*  *  *

If a discussant is armed only with facts and logic, his concept will be, most likely, rejected in a scientific debate. Perhaps, two or three occasional “diggers” will be able to dig out the essence of it. You may dig, and you may dig not. This is completely up to you.